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Soundscapes & Atmospheres volume 1 is a collection of over a hundred sounds. They vary in length, from eight seconds, up to thirty seconds. All the sounds are presented in 24 bit wav quality. Essentially this is a huge collection of sounds that Heist has compiled from around eight hours of recordings of 'jamming' in the studio. Using a variety of his own samples, soft synths and hardware too. He’s then gone through it all and taken all the best bits for this library. 

There’s a wide variety here including: 

  • Cinematic atmospheres
  • Vocal textures 
  • Sci-fi drones 
  • Huge pads 
  • Static effects 
  • Pitched dark sounds 
  • Eerie strings 
  • Glitchy modular effects 

and loads more that we can’t even describe in words! All the sounds are made from scratch and are original. 

If you listen to each sound (one after the other continuously), you have around forty nearly minutes of material. Its a great way to get you’re creative juices flowing and get inspired quickly. Great for Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Neurofunk, ambient, film scoring and video game scores. This library is also highly recommended for any productions that would require a cinematic intro, eerie ambience or for any kind of electronic music genre demanding intricate ambience and background mood.

Information about the creator of this sound set:





"I tried to make a sample library that if I’d bought it, Id find it really useful and be able to actually use. A lot of the sounds will work well together as they are most played around a similar root key. The sounds in this pack I think will be particular useful for building intros and breakdowns."


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